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Boom Shaq-alaka!

Shaquille O’Neal on WWE Monday Night Raw 7/27/09

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Virtual Barber Shop

Boys and girls,get your headphones now and listen to this! 😀

Silent Game

This is a pretty old video but it never fails to crack me up. The whole point of the game is to refrain from laughing while the dude speaks in english. Let’s see if you can last. 😀

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Chill Longboarding

Check this out. This is the video that got me into longboarding. Sooooo chill. 🙂

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Good Girl Gone Baaaaaad!

Okay okay guys (and girls), I’m sure you’ve heard about this girl named Leighton Meester. Right? Doi. She’s that super gorgeous girl from Gossip Girl and if you’re a big music fan, she actually collaborated with the band called Cobra Starship. Sadly though, there are rumors roaming around the net that she’s involved in a sex scandal. Boooo!  Whether that’s true or not,well, we still can’t deny how perfect she is. Just check out this picture I got from a friend.  Jose Cuervo anyone? 😉


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